Our program management takes a holistic approach to an entire facility for large-scale energy reduction goals, combining capital expense and incorporating utility rebates.


TNG L&T can search anywhere in the world, in any domestic region, for the best suppliers to fill your requirements.


Have a complex make, buy, or outsourcing decision to make? We can provide the heavy analytics to fully understand true and current costs, as well as get proposals from third parties that are easily comparable. Our decision support services bring clarity to the complex and dramatically lower risk.


Are the costs with your “hard to change” suppliers fair and competitive? TNG L&T can quickly assess your agreements and leverage a tool kit of strategies to renegotiate your contracts to capture best-in-market pricing and terms.


Our services include research on available incentives, coordinating work schedules with the utility, submittals of all paperwork, answering utility questions, measurement and verification, processing payments and reimbursement checks, and closeout procedures. We go above and beyond to maximize the number of incentive dollars we collect for our customers.

The TNG L&T team is highly experienced in both prescriptive and custom incentives programs offered by the various utilities. Our goal is to maximize the number of rebate dollars our customers receive for doing energy efficiency projects.

The TNG L&T Energy approach to utility incentives:

  • Develop engineered solution to meet utility requirements
  • Quantify expected incentive amounts
  • Fill out required forms and contractual documents
  • Conduct Energy Analysis and required measurement and verification
  • Coordinate pre-and post-construction surveys

Follow through with utilities to capture incentive dollars.


Want to maximize savings while protecting your company’s capital budget? Connect with one of our energy projects finance partners. Partnership opportunities include some of the country’s top energy lenders, offering 100% financing options. This financing solution allows building owners to take advantage of the attractive savings opportunities and incremental cash flows generated from energy efficiency investments.


The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality. These measures (Title 24, Part 6) are listed in the California Code of Regulations. The California Energy Commission is responsible for adopting, implementing, and updating building energy efficiency. Local city and county enforcement agencies have the authority to verify compliance with applicable building codes, including energy efficiency. At TNG L&T, we have years of vast experience staying current with annual energy standards, engineering these standards into your store/facility to meet this compliance. For more detailed information on Title 24, visit: http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/


TNG L&T understands the HVAC lifecycle and can optimize performance in an existing system or replace, implement and manage an entirely new system. With our HVAC Control Solutions, your company could reduce your energy costs by up to 55%.


Hybrid products provide the best of both condensing, and wet/dry cooling methods in a single compact and cost-effective unit. The hybrid products provide lower condensing temperatures while optimizing energy and water efficiency. Efficiencies with new air-cooled condensers with efficient coil surface and variable frequency motors reduce your operating costs while maintaining appropriate condensing temperatures within the given ambient conditions.


Many advancements have been made in operating efficiencies for refrigeration racks. Whether a digital scroll high-efficiency design or a reciprocating compressor design with digital technologies, these racks offer a lower energy cost while running than most predated existing equipment running today. Our team of engineers will evaluate the current operating efficiencies and new high-efficiency rack operating costs to determine if the cost investment meets your hurdle rate for an energy measure to consider. In some cases, rebates or incentives to upgrade this “back of the house” equipment are available to offset initial costs and reduce maintenance costs long term.


We offer full turnkey solutions, allowing you to go about your normal business once your energy project begins. We manage the project from day one through completion with project management, procurement of materials, resource scheduling, facility management schedule communication, and every other detail.