TNG Logistics & Technologies (L&T) is a solutions and services provider that conducts risk management and project management activities to staff, source, and maintain workflow management opportunities. TNG L&T prides itself in assisting organizations by continuously improving efficiency and processes, engaging stakeholders, and retaining rigid control over a project’s scope, budget, and schedule. TNG L&T supports sectors such as supply chain risk management, energy, communication systems, IT infrastructure, and automotive.

TNG L&T is a subsidiary of The North Group, an intelligence-driven, global risk management firm that provides consulting services customized from inception to resolution. We deliver protective services, crisis mitigation consultation, and intelligence reporting at both the individual and organizational levels. Our special projects team can assist you with resourcing operations center support, security systems, global tracking, ground or air transportation, and more. Our team is comprised of former military and law enforcement professionals with over one hundred years of collective experience. Combine those specialized skills with our formidable understanding and application of today’s most progressive technology, and you have an expert result that will not fail or falter. TNG gives you a tremendous advantage over security risks and vulnerable outdated strategies, no matter the level of difficulty. Headquartered in Michigan, TNG operates worldwide. At TNG, we are Security, Refined by Intelligence.