A New Era Business Model

Bringing solutions directly, while avoiding the bloated hierarchy of industry & vertical standards. Unlike project-based suppliers, we are here for the long haul, helping to make continual improvements to maximize your proactive go-to-market strategies.

TNG L&T provides facility engineering, design, consulting, project management and commissioning expertise to ensure the designed systems are installed as specified and ultimately function and operate optimally as designed.
At TNG L&T, we are experts in energy usage, helping companies throughout North America manage and control energy consumption and drastically lower their bills.
Our program management takes a holistic approach to an entire facility for large-scale energy reduction goals, typically combining capital expense and incorporating utility rebates.

New Podcast

TNG08: Event Security in the Face of COVID

In this episode, we sit down with Chad Holt, TNGs Security Operations Manager and one of our team’s newest members, to discuss how the effects of COVID are reshaping the approach to event security.