Sustainability is as important to us as it is to you, as is maintaining the integrity of energy measures you have invested in. Visibility of changes in your system over time provides you the opportunity to address the root cause of mechanical deficiencies that naturally occur in any store/facility that can lead to a controls change that will cost you additional unnecessary energy costs. Instead of seeing rising energy costs after the fact, we can provide controls algorithms to alert you that any energy control strategy has been compromised so you can take proactive action.


We can provide a visual touchscreen wall-mounted computer integrated into your energy management system with a color-coded floor plan custom-designed for each unique layout of your store.

Your employees can visually see which case is in alarm, saving you the time and labor costs it takes to determine which case is warm. This can also save you an overtime service call if you choose to move the product. The “VCC” also has custom views and temperature adjustments available for your HVAC status, a lighting page with status, and the ability to push a touch toggle switch for timed override events such as inventory of sign/light re-lamping. An additional benefit is the e-mail capability to directly send to designated points of contact in the event of an alarm. You will have visibility for alarms resulting in a service call or a service call you can avoid. You and your store employees will have a visual exact layout of your store and access to data at your fingertips.


Our energy optimization team specializes in the energy field and functions as our on-ground technical team in mechanical refrigeration. The team is built on experts who started in basic refrigeration and evolved into energy management and controls as their experience levels and time in the trade increased. We can send one of our experts to be an unbiased “second set of fresh eyes” to evaluate, diagnose and prepare a comprehensive report of all items requiring repairs to fix your issues and gain control of ongoing maintenance issues.


Closing the door on your medium temperature cases can save you 2/3 of the load on these cases, leading to significant energy reduction due to decreased caseload on your refrigeration equipment. We can evaluate and engineer the new load calculations, implement new control strategies to operate the compressor racks in a new, more efficient strategy, and add capacity load shedding capabilities to the compressors for effective control. A decreased caseload drives lower energy costs. An additional benefit is an extended compressor life cycle. Doors enhance the look of the product on your shelf, keep refrigeration air curtains within the case and brighten the customer experience in the facilities.