TNG L&T commissioning services ensure that a building’s engineered systems are installed, programmed, and operating properly and as specified.

To ensure a new building’s systems are correctly installed a commissioning (Cx) program led by an experienced and certified TNG L&T Commissioning Agent (CxA) may be incorporated into all building phases, including design, construction, and start-up. Likewise, a retro-commissioning process is used to identify and improve less-than-optimal energy performance related to an existing building’s equipment and control systems.

Whether the need is a new building Cx, retro-commissioning, LEED commissioning, or a specific discipline such as HVAC or refrigeration system Cx, TNG L&T certified Commissioning Agents have the engineering know-how and expertise to deliver.


  • Development of commissioning strategy to suit specific building types
  • Verification that equipment provided is in accordance with plans and specs
  • Proper start-up and functional testing of:
    • HVAC
    • Refrigeration
    • Exhaust and make-up air fans
    • Cooking hoods
    • Air distribution
    • Chilled and condenser fluid pumping networks
    • Condensers/towers and controls
    • Electrical systems and controls
    • Plumbing, water and pumping systems
  • Provide full punch list and report


Our Energy Performance Monitoring service provides you with a laser focus on equipment and building energy performance, assuring that all of your systems, including the controls, are operating in their optimum mode. Even when everything “seems fine,” the systems may be operating inefficiently attempting to achieve desired set points. We can help identify these, by the application of granular level power metering, to uncover inefficiencies and save thousands of operational dollars.