Our goal is to make energy optimization and affordable solution. Simple Payback Measures typically have a three year or less ROI, with no capital expenditures.


TNG L&T will work at a portfolio level to analyze your kWh cost. This allows us to determine your baseline average costs and identify your highest cost energy use index (EUI) - based on actual utility data and facility square footage. We then prioritize your highest-cost facilities and capital investment recommendations to reduce costs, bringing them down to your baseline.


Every day, businesses and residences subject people to poor indoor air quality. HVAC systems distribute air that could contain viruses, allergens, mold, bacteria, fungi, odors, smoke, or other harmful particulate matter. This routinely leads to illness, allergy symptoms, fatigue, and low productivity. Works to neutralize or to remove harmful elements in your indoor air.


After the compressors, fans are one of the highest energy consumers in a refrigeration system. Improving efficiency by moving to EC motors is one of the most cost-effective upgrades available. A typical refrigerated cabinet, EC motors can improve system efficiency by 20-25%. Upgrading your case and coil fans to ECMs is a quick way to reduce cost on smaller necessary fans required to run 100% of the day.


EMS equipment and hardware become obsolete as newer technologies emerge in the marketplace. Sometimes parts are no longer available, and algorithms become outdated. Either way, your product becomes at risk. Temperature-dependent product costs rise along with cost efficiencies, costing you more than necessary in electricity to run these older systems. We will evaluate your store/facility and design the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to suit your needs.


Refrigerated, low-temperature door cases have heaters in the door and door frames designed to keep condensation and moisture from the building and leaking onto the floor. As store temperature and humidity (dew point) in the store environment fluctuate based on climate zone and the time of the year, during closed periods, reducing the amount of time the heaters need to be on. Instead of simply running all the time, we can install controls to cycle these heaters on and off only as often as required to remove moisture. With the proper sensors and control components, you can put these savings in the bank, not your utility bill, and still have a safe store with no moisture condensation on your doors.


TNG L&T provides turnkey Building Automation controls system installations. The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a fixture in many industries, and the technologies for transformative business applications are at hand. TNG L&T offers complete facility controls with access from a computer or through an app. Our distributed controls solutions offer web servers, dashboard reporting, alarm event e-mails, remote access to and monitoring your facility, and wi-fi technology for installation ease.

They are fully customizable to operate your facility. TNG L&T has the technological capability to review your complex needs and design a full controls solution while leveraging energy-reducing operating strategies. We offer control and access from your smartphone or smart device for visibility of your refrigeration systems, HVAC, lighting, pumps, chillers, heating units, ice machine cycle rates, and many more equipment types you would seek to have remote control of within your facility. Utilizing the technology available from the app will also reduce time spent on maintenance calls. Technicians have access to system functionality from an app on their smartphone to save time going back and forth from the roof to the areas being served on service calls.


Understanding the rapidly changing technology around commercial lighting is important. Fortunately, TNG L&T experts are always one step ahead of the curve. If you are looking to increase safety and security, enhance performance, or create a more inviting space for employees and customers, we can help.

LED LIGHTING RETROFITS Pairing existing fluorescent bulbs such as T-12 or T-8 to a lighting retrofit for LED lighting reduces overall electrical use and adds overall lighting quality. We partner with several network partners nationally for a value-adding measure for your energy reduction project as an additional opportunity to meet your energy reduction goals.


Today, technologies are available to allow you to have full control and visibility of every aspect of equipment in your locations. Control of refrigeration equipment, HVAC, lighting, outside air, water, and heat is more efficient through an EMS system. Controls enable full visibility of temperatures in your refrigerated cases, environmental temperature-controlled areas, and lighting usage. We can evaluate your store or facility and design the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to suit your needs. Whether it is one location or a thousand, our experience and capabilities will be working to meet your goals.


VFDs are a simple way to reduce energy costs on motors required to run to keep your system operating and optimized. Efficient control strategies are robust and effective when every available RPM rate can be controlled to match the load requirements, saving you money on energy costs by lowering these run rates when load requirements and conditions allow. We have decades of experience in installation, programming, and commissioning VFDs as either one for one motor in a single location or at a large volume with multiple VFDs in many locations.


All buildings start with design. We have years of experience making sure your intended design transforms into a fully functional store. We have an unbiased commissioning agent review plans, work with your General Contractor, and install to ensure all best practices are used during and after the construction phase, including post-start-up verification. We provide the expertise that allows you to focus on your business while we perform Quality Assurance (QA) with our proven KPIs and milestones; we see the job through to completion, providing a comprehensive report, and follow up with responsible parties in scope to ensure completion.